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Mission Statement

The Invest With A PlanSMprocess is grounded in the core philosophy that we should make investment and general financial decisions within the context of an overall plan.  The idea is similar to a GPS mapping system; you tell the system where you want to go and it will figure out a route to get you there.  This analogy highlights something very important - you have to know where you are headed.  You have to have goals that you can articulate.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there"   -Lewis Carroll

The first goals everyone should strive for are my Three Foundational Rules.  Once you have those under control, then you can move to other life goals such as saving for retirement, college, etc.

As we begin to work together, there are three core steps to the Invest With A PlanSM process:

  • Learning - I have to learn about your situation and goals; and you have to learn the process
  • Planning - We work together to articulate your goals and model them in VestVision
  • Implementing - We use the plan to guide discussions and decisions around 8 Wealth Management Issues


My mission is to help each client pursue their unique financial goals and Invest With A PlanSM